About me

In my figurative watercolours, animals play the leading role in a calm, playful setting. I use a warm, natural color palette. My love for painting arose during a turning point in my life. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I started looking for moments of peace and relaxation and that's when I started painting. That same feeling of peace and relaxation I also experience when I'm around animals. I love their honesty and purity, with them you don't experience any social taboos or prejudices. With my animal paintings I want to inspire and give joy. Accept the accidents, rejoice when things go well and celebrate freedom in yourself and life.

In 2014 I completed the 5 year course in Drawing at the art academy in Belgium. Here I have learned to look and see the bigger picture, to estimate proportions and to suggest depth on a flat surface.  After this training, I started a personal search in the different mediums within painting and eventually ended up with watercolor.

What I find exciting about watercolour is the interplay between water and pigments and to apply that to the free character of animals. At the same time, as with the erratic characteristics of my illness, I sometimes have to deal with the unpredictability of the watercolour. You have to let go of what you can't control and embrace the positive. This unpredictable aspect is mainly due to the surface on which I work. After a long search, I started painting on a very unusual, smooth surface, creating an interesting, transparent interplay between lines and spots. In this way I have managed to create my own style and technique.

The statement by Paul Klee, "A line is a dot that went walking," certainly applies to my artworks. Watercolor, like life, is not always predictable and perfect. I enjoy embracing the challenges while painting and would love to take you on this journey with me. A journey filled with movement, emotion, freedom, and tranquility.

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2013: followed various watercolour workshops
2008-2014: trained in Classical Drawing at IKO Academie in Hoogstraten, Belgium
2017: followed an online course with the internationally renowned watercolour artist Janine Gallizia

2023: Women in Watercolor (WIW) membership
2021- 2022: represented by Aquarel Art Gallery
2018 - 2023: member of IWS Holland - International Watercolour Societ

2023:  ‘Judges Favorite Award’ of Women in Watercolor International Juried Competetion
2021: nominated for Cultuurprijs Halderberge 2021
2021: awarded 'Finalist Award Certificate Highly Commended' of International Watercolour Masters
2021: 'Kitto&Jarkko' selected for the Readers' Competition in The Art of Watercolour Magazine
2019: winner of Jumbish International Online HorseArt contest 2019
2018: awarded certificate ‘Among best 50’ of GAWA International Watercolor Online Contest 2018
2018: Publication: interview magazine The Art of Watercolour